With an undeniable passion for electronic music, DMARK detonates the dancefloor with floor shaking electro drops and euphoric progressive synths that both lift and energize anyone within ear shot.

DMARK has joined Monster Recordings with his first remix on the (Take You) Higher EP.

His passion for electronic music began early, teaching himself and getting to know his way around the digital studio. He can appreciate all forms of music but had a strong attraction toward synths and the ability to control all instruments and the direction of the whole production. Whether it’s the floor shaking electro drops or the euphoric progressions that lift the energy of the club in the early hours of the morning, DMARK has an infectious, modern sound that will keep any party on its toes. After years of learning the production game he started DJing in the techno and underground scene under a different alias, supporting internationals at clubs such as Barsoma, Empire and even underground festivals.

It was here that he developed a deeper understanding of the house beat/groove and at only 24 brings a wealth of knowledge to the production room. With a mix of catchy progressive house and dirty bassbin shaking beats, DMARK is a must have in the bag of any modern electronic DJ.

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